What is Shito?

Shito is a delicious hot pepper sauce prepared originally with dried and prawns along with vegetables like onions chilli, garlic and some special spices.


Shito is the word for pepper in Ga, a Ghanaian language spoken in the capital city of Ghana. Whilst the word for pepper is different for each of the Ghanaian native languages, shitor din (black pepper), commonly called ‘shito’, is widely used as the name for the hot black pepper sauce ubiquitous in Ghanaian cuisine.

It is traditionally eaten with Kenkey, waakye, Banku and many other Ghanaian dishes. However it taste amazing spread on bread, stir into pasta, on grilled meat, fish or vegetables. Shito can also be used as dip

My Vision

Shito is a traditional recipe prepared only in Ghana. Shito can be prepare in many ways. The recipe I bring to you is also an old traditional recipe from the Ewe people of Volta region of Ghana.

My mission is to bring this outstanding receipe from Ghana to the Africans in diaspora and to the German market.

How long can Shito last?

Shito is prepared without water. Due to this, shitor can last long in a cool and  dry place. This was the traditional way of preserving food way before electricity and refrigeration.

Always use dry spoon to fetch when needed. Shito can last weeks in a refrigerator when opened.